About Us

About Us

Safe Access is a community-led initiative, and a flagship project under Qequal Foundation, with a vision for a world where LGBTQ+ community can walk into any healthcare clinic without fear of judgment, discrimination or worry of misdiagnosis.


The Problem

In a post-377 India, though homosexuality is now decriminalized, LGBTQ community continue to face barriers and challenges accessing health services. Discrimination in healthcare setting endangers LGBTQ community because of delays or denial of medically necessary care and as a result experience negative health outcomes.

This was reaffirmed in our survey of LGBTQ community across India,

Over 50% of the respondents were fearful of approaching healthcare providers because of prior negative experiences of homophobia and discrimination

82% of the respondents could not think of a doctor they could trust if they were to disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity for well-informed diagnosis

Our Approach

We aim to create awareness among healthcare providers on LGBTQ health challenges and list them on our website. The community can find, rate and review their experiences, thus gaining a voice to make a well-informed decision about their healthcare.

We believe these LGBTQ-friendly, affirmative and compassionate healthcare providers will become our allies and impart change to the broader medical fraternity.

  • All doctors, clinics, and labs listed at our platform have been consulted in-person on the challenges faced by the community and how to ensure a safe, non-discriminatory, non-judgmental experience accessing healthcare at their facilitates.


  • A “Safe Access” sticker on the front-door ensures the community that the healthcare provider has pledged to provide non-judgmental, safe and non-discriminatory services irrespective of one’s gender, sexuality or sexual orientation.

Impact on UN SDGs

SDG 3: Good Health
and Well-Being

SDG 5: Gender Equality

SDG 10: Reduced

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