Work with Us

Join our mission at Safe Access to shape an affirmative healthcare system that genuinely supports and respects the LGBTQ+ community. We are seeking passionate individuals, organizations and coorporates to collaborate with us in various capacities, each vital to our mission of healthcare inclusivity.

Why Join Safe Access?

Community Impact

Every role at Safe Access has the potential to profoundly affect the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals by providing them with safer, more accessible healthcare. Your involvement goes beyond just a job or collaboration—it's a chance to change lives for the better.

Inclusive Culture

We cherish diversity not only in our services but also among our team members and stakeholders. Safe Access is a place where your unique experiences and perspectives are valued, helping us to innovate and grow stronger together.

Mission-Driven Work

Align your career and work with a purpose. Work in an environment where every task contributes to a grand vision of equity and excellence in healthcare.

Current Job Openings

If you are looking to work with us in a volunteer capacity, please write to us at [email protected]

Social Media Coordinator

Location: Remote

Type: Part time

Last Date to apply: 15 June 2024

Collaborative Projects

Do you have a project idea that could revolutionize healthcare access? We collaborate with individuals, companies, and other organizations to bring innovative projects to life. Your ideas can lead to breakthroughs that we can achieve together.

We're excited to hear about potential partnerships and projects. By working together, we can combine our resources and expertise to create solutions that are not only innovative but also sustainable and impactful. Write us at [email protected]