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Community Wellbeing Project

Community Wellbeing Project is a free and confidential Peer Support Service with an objective to strengthen community resources to respond to the emotional struggles we face as queer-trans individuals due to the stigma and discrimination from society and from our own families, friends and co-workers. This program is based on the principles and values of peer support such as lived experience as knowledge, subjectivity and involvement of self as a resource to work with distress and promote wellbeing.

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Benefit from Peer

Who can Benefit from Peer Support?

If you find yourself experiencing distress on account of your gender and sexuality, a team of Peer Support Providers from the community is ready to support you. They are trained and equipped with perspective, knowledge, skills and ethics to offer support to community members. This form of emotional support is also known as Peer Support.

How and Why will Peer Support help?

Your Peer Support Providers will provide one-on-one structured sessions to help you deal and cope with the struggles you may be facing such as difficulty with self-acceptance, confusion about one’s identity, lack of acceptance from family and loved ones, feelings of loneliness and isolation, relationship concerns, heartbreak, experiences of discrimination. Peer support is a system of giving and receiving help based on mutual respect, shared experiences and responsibilities. It develops our ability to see our lives not as “problems”, or “what we have” and “how it needs to be treated”, but instead interpret our experiences in a mutually empowering way. You can find more about peer support here.

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How to access Peer Support Providers?

You can directly contact a trained Peer Support Provider of your choice and comfort, by accessing their Profiles by clicking below.

For more information on the program please go through our list of FAQs.

We hope you would participate in this free and confidential service and access resources available to you from your own community. For grievance redressal, suggestions or questions please reach out to us at [email protected].

How to Become a Peer Support Provider?

Applications for Community Wellbeing Project 2024 are CLOSED NOW! Stay tuned for the next round of applications in November 2024

If you wish to be notified when we open the applications in future, please submit your email address here.