Why #TransFormNow Campaign?

Even after 6 years of NALSA judgment which recognized trans identities, the transgender communities still haven’t found space on the healthcare intake forms. Many healthcare institutions still haven’t added “transgender” option on the forms.

Where is the “Transgender” option on the healthcare intake forms?

#TransFormNow is a campaign by Safe Access to make healthcare intake forms inclusive for the Transgender Community by asking healthcare institutions such as Hospitals, Insurance Companies and Diagnostic Labs to add the ‘transgender’ option in the gender section on their intake forms.


We are going to make this possible by asking all of you to sign the Online Petition. We will use the petition as a tool to engage with Hospitals, Insurance Companies, Diagnostic Labs and other healthcare institutions across the country with demand to make healthcare intake forms trans-inclusive. This campaign will be fueled by crowdsourced lived experiences of discrimination and marginalization of trans people while accessing healthcare services.

This campaign is informed by, NALSA Judgement 2014, Fundamental Rights, and Lived discriminatory experiences of trans people while accessing healthcare services.

How can you contribute to this campaign?

Share Your Narratives!

Share your experiences accessing healthcare services as a transperson.

Let Your Voices be Heard!

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signed petitions to healthcare institutions.

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