The following is a listing of Peer Support Providers who are trained on perspectives, knowledge, skills and ethics as part of Community Wellbeing Project.

If you are going through emotional distress on accounts of your gender and sexuality, and if you wish to seek support from Peer Support Provider volunteers, please take a look their profiles below. You can contact them directly and schedule your sessions as per mutual availability using a mode of communication that works best for you. This service is only for people of age 18 and older.

If you like us to suggest Peer Support Providers for your needs, write to us at and we can help.

For grievance redressal, suggestions, or any other questions please contact us at above email address.

This is a free and confidential service.


Rajvi, 24, Cis-female, Bisexual

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Language: English

Available on:

Tuesdays & Thursdays


Mode of communication: Audio, Video, Text

Raju Behara, 30, Queer (they/them)


Languages: English, Telugu, Hindi

Available on:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (7:30 to 9 pm)

Weekends (2-4 pm)

Mode of communication: Audio, Video

Raju Behara is genderqueer, panromantic greysexual and neurodivergent who grew up in Vizag and consider Blore their home. They are a medical journalist, and been working with pharma and healthcare for over seven years and also a student of Public Health and Policy at IIPH. They also are currently serving as the head of an Ambedkarite feminist queer union, and are a peer support provider, alligned with Safe Access. They enjoy writing poetry on queer themes and on mental health., and spending time with their cat Maya.

Sharanya, 20, Non-binary, Bisexual

Kolkata, West Bengal

Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali

Available on:

Tuesday, Wednesday (7 to 9 pm),

Saturday, Sunday (12-2 pm and 4-6 pm)

Mode of communication: Phone call

Anu, 20, Non-binary, Biromantic Greysexual


Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada

Available on:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (10 to 1 pm)


Mode of communication: Audio over Zoom/Google Meet

Sourabh, 23, Male, Gay (He/Him)

Madhya Pradesh

Languages: Hindi, English, Nimadi

Available on:

Weekends (12 to 5 pm)


Mode of communication: Audio, Video

Ahaan, 23, Male, Gay

Uttar Pradesh, Bihar

Languages: Hindi, English

Available on:

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday (3 to 6 pm)


Mode of communication: Phone call

Anil (YUTAK), 28, Male, Gay

Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra

Languages: Marathi, Hindi, English

Available on:

Monday, Thursday, Saturday (7:30 to 8:30 pm)


Mode of communication: Audio, Video

Sajjad, 26, Genderqueer

Bangalore, Karnataka

Languages: English, Hindi

Available on:

All Days

I’m easy to talk to. I’ve seen and heard all kinds of stuff so nothing surprises me anymore, and I’m always open to new ideas and opinions. As a queer person, I’m always exploring my relationship with faith, friendships and love.

Mode of communication: Video call, Phone call, Text

Kausik, 28, Male, Gay

Bangalore, Karnataka

Languages: English, Telugu, Tamil

Available on:

Weekdays (after 7 pm)

Weekend (8 to 12 noon, 6 to 8 pm)

Mode of communication: Audio, Video

Tanvi, 25, Non-binary, Lesbian


Languages: English, Hindi, Some Marathi

Available on:

Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Hello! I’m a writer and researcher currently pursuing a PhD. If you are questioning, or identify as a woman, as non-binary, lesbian, bisexual, or WLW in general, you might find me helpful. I’m interested in music, queer fiction, and building networks of solidarity.

Mode of communication: Google Meet/Skype

Prad, 26, Non-binary, Polysexual

Thanjavur, Tamilnadu

Languages: Tamil, English

Available on:

Monday through Friday (4 to 9 pm)


Mode of communication: Audio, Video

Deepthi, 36, Cis woman, Queer

Chennai and Bangalore

Languages: English, Telugu, Tamil, Some Hindi

Available on:

Weekends (2 to 5 pm)

Please confirm 2 days prior

Mode of communication: Only Audio

Busaina, 32, Non-binary AFAB

Chennai, Tamilnadu

Languages: English, Tamil

Available on:

Tue, Wed, Fri 11:30 to 12:30, 7 to 9 pm

Weekends 6 pm to 10:30 pm

I work for a social enterprise currently with a decade of corporate experience. I can particularly be of help in matters relating to workspace or institutions, peers and representation.

Mode of communication: Phone call

Gautam, 23, Transman

Lucknow, Delhi

Languages: Hindi, English

Available on:

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday; 4pm-8pm


Mode of communication: Audio, Video, Text, Email

Ruhaan A. Atish, 34, Transman

Basically from U.P. currently living in Delhi

Languages: Hinglish, Hindi and Urdu

Available on:

Flexible Just drop me a message

I will contact you as soon as possible

Mode of communication: Audio, Video

Suresh Ramdas, 39, Male, Gay

Bengaluru/ Karnataka

Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil

Available on:

Saturday & Sunday(2-4pm)


Mode of communication: Whatsapp / Zoom

Rishabh Gupta (he/him), 25, Gay, Demisexual

Uttar Pradesh

Languages: Hindi, English

Available on:

Please contact for availability


Mode of communication: Audio, Video

Brindaa, 32, (they/them)

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Languages: English, Tamil, Hindi, some Kannada

Available on:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (7-8pm). Other days possible with advance notice.

A writer and researcher working on gender and technology. I love sketching and coloring in my free time

Mode of communication: Audio

Katie, 21, Transwoman, Pansexual Sapiosexual Queer

Guwahati, Assam

Languages: English and Assamese

Available on:

Mon,Tue, Wed, Weekends 12 to 9 pm


Mode of communication: Zitsi App

Soumya, 21

New Delhi

Languages: Hindi, English, Telugu

Available on:

Monday-Saturday, after 12 PM


Mode of communication: Audio, Video

Dhaval, 48, Cis-male, Gay

Ahmedabad, Delhi

Languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati

Available on:

Weekends All Day

Approaching middle-age, as a queer activist, I have been actively part of the queer rights struggle for over 2 decades now. I am also a design strategist, technologist and an avid reader/thinker.

Mode of communication: Audio, Video

Peer Supporter, 24, Male, Bi/Pansexual

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Languages: English

Available on:

Weekends, Weekdays (evenings)


Mode of communication: Audio, Video

Kris Chudawala, 23, Trans Non-binary, Queer

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Languages:English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati

Available on:

All Days


Mode of communication: Audio, Video, Text/Email

Menia, 22, Fluid, Demisexual

Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, Delhi

Languages:English, Hindi, Nyishi

Available on:

Can be fixed mutually

In a recent study of myself, I have shown that I no longer struggle with who I am. I live between ideas of me. Ideas of what I am comfortable in referring to as myself

Mode of communication: Zoom, Google Meet