Candida Albicans: When Fungi Take Over

What is Candidiasis (Fungi)?

Candidiasis is a fungal disease mainly caused by the wide-spread fungus Candida albicans. Fungi naturally are found on everyone’s skin and mucous membranes. However, they can multiply dramatically and cause inflammation, especially when your immune system is weakened. Particularly the groin region is affected when skin overlaps. This leads to the formation of moist areas, especially if you’re frequently exercising or overweight. Candida albicans grows exceptionally well in this moist environment.

An imbalance caused by antibiotic or cortisone treatment can also be the cause. Diabetes or advanced immunodeficiency (such as HIV or chemotherapy) also facilitate the growth of Candida on your skin. When the head of your penis becomes inflamed, you will often encounter itchy, burning spots or large, coarse areas. A burning sensation when peeing can also occur. Your scrotum may also be affected. In cases where the groin is affected, symptoms often appear on both sides. The areas are reddened, often with a marginal border and flaking.

Candida can be easily treated with remedies such as creams or tablets. Nevertheless, it is important to treat the cause at the same time, because otherwise problems can repeatedly occur.


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About the Author: Raju Behara (she/they), a trans-disabled Peer Support Provider with a decade of healthcare experience, holds a Masters in Pharmacology and a PG Diploma in Health Economics, Health Policy at the Indian Institute of Public Health. Aligned with the Safe Access Community Wellbeing Project, Raju has contributed to LGBTQIA+ safety in Indian workplaces, drafting gender-neutral dress codes and working on sensitization. A published author and poet in various anthologies, Raju, through EQUAL fellowship, chronicled social histories of housing, healthcare and workplace discrimination for queer-trans individuals in India. They initiated ‘Queer & Quarantine’, a crisis intervention program for trans folks facing housing challenges.

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